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FixBay Services

We provide all kind of services when it comes to your mobile devices. If you don't see on our top 10 services, please contact us for free consultation.

LCD Replacement

If your LCD is broken, please let us know, there is high chances we can fix the LCD for you. 
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Bloated battery replacement

After years of usage, often time the battery will get bloated and need to be replaced. You can do this with affordable price at FixBay
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no power / can't switch on

If for unknown reason, your phone suddenly stop working and there is no power even when you've charged the phone, please let us know and help you to determine the problem.
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Can't charge / charging assembly

After trying different charger your phone still showing no sign of charging. This is quite frustrating especially when you need to use your phone. At FixBay we will help you with this problem
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water damages

Water damages can be caused by various reasons, do not panic, bring your phone to FixBay for assessment . We will help you with the problem
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Button not functioning

Buttons on your phone not functioning? Let FixBay technician help you fix this problem. Go to our nearest outlet for your assistant.
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Motherboard issue

This is not something you want to mess around, it can cost you new phone if not done properly. Let FixBay Technician help you replacing the motherboard.
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stuck logo / software

Your phone stuck at the welcoming logo only, this can be caused by the software or your phone operating system. Visit our nearest outlet to get assistant with this problem.
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Camera shaking

Trying to take the best selfie or group photo but the camera shaking badly. Don't let your beautiful moment goes bad, visit our nearest outlet and get your camera repaired.
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Apple watch repair

This is another of our specialty, bring your Apple Watch and let us check and repair the watch for you. 
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